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Guaranteed Car Leasing

Most customers that come to Midland Credit and enquire about guaranteed car leasing do so because they have already been rejected for the normal finance options and think that if they lease a car they will have a better chance of being accepted.

Why try to lease a car, and hand it back in several years time having wasted thousands of pounds and having nothing to show for it when Midland Credit can offer you an alternative.

At Midland Credit we pride ourselves on being able to offer great car finance deals to customers with a less than perfect credit history.

It doesn’t matter if you are self-employed or employed we can offer the most competitive rates to customers with poor credit making your ideal car a reality.

We are currently able to approve 2 out of every 3 applications that we receive for car finance.

So if you are looking for an alternative to guaranteed car leasing and would prefer to purchase your next car, apply online now or call us on 03339 00 00 00.

Once you’re accepted for car finance you’ll be able to buy any car from any dealer, in the knowledge that you’ve had the most competitive deal for your circumstances.

Once your car loan is approved we will only need to see the minimum of identification which will include either a copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate, Driving Licence and Proof of Income.

After that we will transfer the money to the car dealer and you can drive away your new car.

The whole process from start to finish normally takes just a few days.

So, remember, if you have county court judgements, a poor credit rating, defaults, payment arrears, have been previously bankrupt or are in an IVA or payment arrangement it need not stop you getting your new car.

It really is an easy process so why not apply online now or call us on 03339 00 00 00 to apply.